ArtFul Seniors Project


ASP is a senior led project that encourages vulnerable older adults (50+) to participate in free bi-weekly group sessions in Calgary's downtown core. Seniors will learn different art mediums of their choice. These classes will give the seniors more opportunities to connect with each other and the community, explore artistic avenues, gain self-confidence and assurance as they learn or perfect an art skill. Join us and bring a friend!

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This course is a unique art education program provided for free in Calgary, exclusively for local artists to effectively use and shift their artistic skills towards an entrepreneurial direction to help them become economically more self-sufficient. ARTiculum is a 2-hour, 12-sessions, classroom type education program which is implemented once a year. Participants will learn from qualified instructors who are experts in their own field. This is a great opportunity for the participants to take their art concept into marketplaces. CAAP believes that we cannot give anyone hope, but we can help people find it within themselves. This program is aimed to those who are willing to help themselves.

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